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Learn How To:

Update Software

Updating your Pi to the latest software release will give access to the newest parts and latest bug fixes. To update your Pi with the latest X-MWcontroller software version, do the following:

Find IP Address

The IPv4 address of the Pi is important to know for many reasons. It is needed to make an SSH connection and also to send TCP commands to the Pi. To find the IPv4 address of the Pi, do the following:

Fix Corrupted OS

It is possible to corrupt your OS. For example, powering off the device while the Pi is modifying the number of LE and GPIO pins. Signs of a corrupted OS include not booting, the X-MWcontroller app not starting, and frozen screens.

If you believe your OS is corrupted, you can flash your SD card with an image provided by X-Microwave. To flash your SD card, do the following:

Change LE and GPIO Pin Configuration

By default, the Pi will support 19 GPIO pins and 2 LE pins. There is another configuration that enables the Pi to have 15 GPIO pins and 6 LE pins. To change between these configurations, do the following:

SSH Into the Pi

If you want to use the terminal of the Pi, you can do so while the X-MWcontroller software is running. An SSH connection will allow you to send terminal commands from another computer.

To create an SHH connection from a windows machine, do the following:

If you are using Linux or macOS, do the following:

Start the Desktop Environment on the Pi

The Pi is running a Raspbian OS that has a built-in desktop GUI. You may want to access this desktop Environment for various reasons. If you wish to open the desktop Environment you will need to do the following:

Use Load/Save Feature

After setting up parts with many complex modifications to their settings, you may find it convenient to save and later recall the state of the setup. The X-MWcontroller supports this feature.

To save a setup (all loaded parts and their settings), do the following:

To load a file that was previously saved, do the following:

To delete a save file from the internal SD card or a USB drive, do the following:

Get Started with PLL/VCO Parts

The X-MWcontroller can be used to control PLL/VCO parts which can have many complicated settings. Here are guides to use as a reference for some of these PLL/VCO parts. Note: There is not a guide available for every PLL/VCO part.

PLL/VCO guides are available for: